Command prompt stuck

After commanding the command prompt to exit I run into this:

Now I can´t command anymore, and I am afraid that if I turn off my computer I might brick the motherboard (ive heard of alot of stories maybe…) No operating system installed yet. Several files seemed to be missing. sorry for sort of giving you this task I should have known better not to get into by myself

Looks like a kernel panic to me.

I’m not sure how rebooting would brick the motherboard unless you were doing something like flashing a BIOS at the time…

You say there was no OS installed yet? It sounds like there is very little risk to hard rebooting.

Yeah looks like a kernel panic.

  1. Are you overclocking anything?
  2. Have you run a memory test?

Linux (even the installer) can be a bit more picky about memory/system stability issues than Windows is; if this is a new system then set everything back to default clocks first (if you have overclocked anything) and see if the issue goes away.


You have to tell us what’s your hardware and which kernel version you are using.

I would try to boot with noapic then ensuring your BIOS and your kernel are both up to date.