Comfy headphones

Hello tek,

I'm looking for some light and comfy on-the-ear headphones right now, I need them to listen to random ambient stuff while coding, so I don't want to feel any weight of the headphones or any preassure on ears.

Right now I use AKG K271 MK2 and sound is really nice, but because they are closed over-the-ear they push on ears pretty damn hard, its ok for watching a movie or listening to music for like a hour or so, but starts to annoy me if I work for 6 to 10 hours straight. 

Im looking at Sony MDR 7502 right now, looking nice to me for $50, but I never seen them in person so I'm not sure what is built quality, sound and comfort level are. If some one ever used them please respond.

My budget is under $100 but I would like to keep low though (around $50).

I've had really great luck with Sony's headphones. They sound really good for the money and the construction quality really meet my standards. I've used the MDR-G45's, MDR-XD100's and the MDR-ZX100's. All of them are around $20. My MDR-XD100 Headphones lasted 3+ years, exellent sound and durability. With the G45's the wire likes to come come out of the little housing on the main plug. The sound quality is pretty decent for behind the neck style. The ZX-100's I feel have the overall of both worlds in terms of portability and comfort. As for the MDR-XD 100's By far the most comfortable headphones I have owned. Also very durable as well. For $20 I would check the three pairs of headphones out.