Come play with us!

Ok, well Me, Rice, Skump and Snowman are going to start playing WoW agian, due to lack of GAMES this year. Well if you don't want to pay, not a problem. We are going to be playing on a private server.

Sign up Here:

Connection Guide:

If you need to "Down Patch":

See you online!

Wut type of realm? Blizzlike?

cool do i have to remake my guy or what? i have a lvl 43 Hunter do i have to make a new guy?

Private servers are for fat ugly queers that can't level a character to 80. It's not that hard, it only takes me a couple days.

Yes you do..



Depends on what type of server you're playing on. Blizzlike servers are pretty much the same as the regular Blizzard servers, so it takes just as long to level as it would on a Blizzard server.

I don't know if you were joking or not. I send my appologies if you were just joking around.

Actuallly, smart guy, we don't feel like paying for a subscription, nothing like paying for a game for months and months after you own it.

I been wanting to get back into WoW
Nice thanks for the motivation guys
time to waste my summer in front of my pc =D

Hate to break it to you, but so are regular servers.

EDIT: this double post nonsense needs to stop

So true.

Bleh. I just resubbed to EU WoW on Monday as well. FFFFUUU

Ok what is this server? high rate, fun, insta 80 pvp... seriously i cant find it on their website

Did you even read the first post? Lol.

your so full of it, i bet it takes you longer than 2 days (couple means 2)

no i saw the website but i cant find where on the website it says what the server/servers are

Good point. I couldn't seem to find it either, they must be pretty new? They don't even have a FAQ.

You guys are rolling Horde, right?

I'll play with you guys, but meh. I'm building a new comp soon, so I might just wait until then.

It's not my fault your not even level fifty, the game is really really easy and private servers just make it pointless. And it takes me 1 day to get to lvl 60 and 1 or 2 more days to get to level 80.