Comcast Terror!

Maximum PC magazine reports that Comcast has offered $45 billion to buyout Time Warner Cable! This is going to put Netflix's feet in the fire as far as paying for bandwidth usage. If this goes through, it will take two huge companies that are terrible and merge them into one mega terrible company. This is far too much power for one company, this would actually be a larger and more powerful monopoly than AT&T/T-Mobile would have been! This monstrosity must not be allowed to form! Internet freedoms were already in jeopardy with out this steaming pile of B.S. I don't see how the judicial system could even consider this as a legal and fair move and if this actually happens then the lines have been drawn for a major backlash. As Wendel would say, "Yeah, this is gonna be bad!"

What are your thoughts??


Love the show and website Logan, Wendell, Pistol and Qain, keep up the amazing work. Keep fighting the good fight with your information and informing the people, as I will do the same. There must be something we can do in order to keep us away from the overwhelming hot stink of this situation.



Rusty Shackelford

i for one welcome our new telecom overlords.

Well, It is in a way a good thing if it happens, see, the government looks at companies like people. and the fewer people there are lobbying the government, the better. right now, comcast and Time Warner can have separate lobbyists, if they merge there will be fewer. also, a single blow in the government will hurt them more if they are consolidated. 

I feel like this is ancient news....

Sonic that's very well said. Though they would also pick up much more revenue, perhaps buying more lobbyists and political power. Yikes.

It could be Krieger, I just saw this in the mag and wondered if anyone else had something to say about it.

I feel as if we have too many overlords! Its like in Office Space where Peter has five different bosses!