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Comcast said I am bad for torrenting linux. Need VPN


Title says it all. Comcast apparently doesn't understand what free means : P

I should also probably learn how to use torr. : P

I am just looking for free or cheap vpns that aren't in cahoots with the US government / ISPs.



I suggest Ipredator or Private Internet Access. PIA offers up to 5 simultaneous connections. IP supports one. Both support unlimited bandwidth. Should help you out if you don't like the two I mentioned above.

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I have started thinking about routing my torrent and http/s traffic through a VPN but the important questions to me are bandwidth and latency rather than logging.

Essentially I am paying someone who isn't my isp to ignore dmca notices and maybe not resell my metadata.

I am still a victim of google and the infinite number of ad companies profiling my traffic patterns but isolating myself from my isp seems like a mostly reasonable thing to do.

So, how do I find a VPN that isn't so oversubscribed that they basically suck. VPS would work BUT VPS providers generally don't appreciate torrent traffic.



I would suggest Private Internet Access. I have been using it for the longest time. It has probably the largest selection of datacenters it routes your traffic through. It doesn't slow down at all if you pick a data center near you. It doesn't log, supports openvpn as well as other services. It is something like 50 USD per year. I endorse it.



What did the notice from Comcast say? I remember when I was living in a dorm, before I knew what a VPN was, the pirating notices I would get for movies always had the name of the group that had filed a copyright claim (damn you Universal! All I wanted to do was watch The Big Lebowski.). Who the hell put a copyright claim on a linux distro?

Edit: Also another thumbs up for PIA. I use them for all my traffic these days on my desktop, three laptops, and my phone.

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I find it easier to use a seedbox. It isn't overly expensive and I don't get hassled by people.



If you live alone, just ignore that shit

If you live with an SO, roomates, or family get a VPN

I suggest PIA only because it's very cheap, torguard is also a highly thought of option in the states

PIA was cheapest so I went with that, it's a bit finnicky with the torrent client* but browsing is great. I'm on it right now



Why ignore it if you live alone? What do others living with you have to do with it?

And to OP I also suggest PIA.

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Because they don't have enough evidence to sue you

Only send a letter, lol

They used to have precedent to sue you, an IP address and a bit of metadata is no longer enough

In the states anyway



In that case you should pick a provider that isn't based in USA. That would mean to avoid PIA despite everyone's recommendation. I would pick either Nord VPN, Air VPN or MullVad. Air has a native client for all major distros.
Load the sheet on this website and basically look for as many green bars as possible.



Yea but shouldn't it be the other way around? My mom got a letter in january asking her to pay 550€ per movie, said two movies were downloaded from her IP in january, thing is she had cancelled that internet connection back in november, the letter came from a law firm in Denmark and its legit.

Thousands of people have gotten similar letters in my country and couple people have been sued, I think one time the law firm won and one time the one being sued won. A few days ago she got a new letter about a third movie supposedly downloaded back in the beginnning of 2016, this letter came from a law firm in our country.

Its just so absurd that the judges in USA and Australia laughed these law firm clowns out, but here in EU the situation is still like this. IP ADDRESS IS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE. Though the law firms also had sent private investigators to check the networks in the neighborhood (to check if the networks were open etc.)...

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It used to be that way in America.

But after a few headlines where people were using for example 80 year old womans* networks for years to seed. (that's why they cracked down on the old lady, some one had use no protections and been seeding for years)

Judges got wise and stopped listening to the IP owners*. Started requiring more evidence

Yes those lawyers can send out those letters, they have no actual proof tho.

Not to mention in Europe you have very limited civil liberties in most areas relative to Americans. You're protected from corporations, but the state can fuck you very easily.

edit - and your ISP isn't gonna cut you off lol, comcast dont' give a fuck I pay em

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Lets keep this away from talking about pirating and leave it at legally permitted torrents!

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I feel your pain.

Last summer I got caught up in the FBI take down of pirate sites (KAT) and those who use them. I got a nasty gram from the FBI and Time Warner Cable's lawyers that they caught me downloading a show from HBO (Ballers), and they had evidence of many other downloads. Basically the letter said 'We will give you a pass, this one time. You are on our list, and we will be spying on you for the rest of your life. Strike 2 and we will sue for maximum damages (= $7,500,000). Strike 3 and you go to jail.'
I don't torrent at all now, just in case, and I won't ever torrent illegally anymore... I promise.

There is another thread about choosing a VPN. Many people approved of PIA, but I think I am going to go with Azire VPN, like the OP chose. But I am afraid that the act of installing a VPN for security will earn me even more intense scrutiny from the authorities because they will assume that I'm using it for illegal activities.



Like the other said, I recommend by experience PIA. They have socks5 also so you can setup it as a proxy with your torrent client. That with a encryption by your torrent client and a blocklist and you're fine.



I'm very confused

So it wasn't a DMCA notice

And Time Warner threatened you? Why would they involve themselves in this?

There must have been so many people in teh same exact position as you, it's a ridiculous threat



This actually just said something along the lines of we saw P2P traffic going to pirate bay. We are letting you know that is against the law to pirate.

Blah blah blah.

It wasn't all that serious. But I don't want someone monitoring my internet either.



I don't remember if it was DCMA. The letter was from the FBI stating that TWC had turned over evidence and it listed HBO as just one of the many examples of the evidence they had on me.

Yeah... the threat is ridiculous. I don't have $7.5 million and no way are they are going to fill the jails with video pirates. What threatened me is they stated that they would take my PC to search for more evidence. That scared the fuck out of me because you know that's their first move.

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That makes sense

Haha they really had their a stick up their ass about KAT

I wonder what those guys did to make our feds so angry



Not really, it's just that KAT was the biggest, so they made an example of them.

The scariest part about the whole event was that they took down every piracy site on the web and everybody using them ON THE SAME DAY! It was obviously planned for years in concert with DMCA, RIAA and many other worldwide law enforcement agencies. When KAT went down it was the Polish police who arrested them. The FBI can't do that, but they can say 'Hey Polish FBI, Keep an eye on these guys and wait for the GO signal.' It made me think 'Just how long have they been watching me?' and 'Thank God I don't watch child porn!'