Comcast is hillariously and callously evil

The warning signs are a joke!
Let´s go by the guidelines I know:
-At limited visual range, you are required to put a warning sign 100m before the obstruction
-stationary equipment in traffic flow is advised to have orange or yellow beacons up

Common sense stuff:
-There is a freaking hill! Put a warning sign up! Construction ahead or similar!
-Beacons? Put them in place!

Did anyone even have a single idea to call the police?


Given the weather, I can imagine that the police had several other accidents to go to.

If i was going into a lift on a truck on a open road I would want to be sure people could see my truck in enough time, I would cone the whole hill. (selfishly for my safety, but with that everyone's safety is insured.)

One shitty Tech does not mean the entire company does that.

Comcast sucks and all but it is a bit unfair to say this is a total reflection of all people working at Comcast.

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This post explains a bit more about the regulations:

Yeah, I see this all too often with this sort of thing.

According to one of the youtube comments by the poster, he'd called after the second car went off the road, but the police didn't arrive until after the whole ordeal was over.

I'd say it's safe to assume that they were busy with other accidents or were far away and driving safely to ensure that they didn't end up in a similar situation. (or both)

Out of tens of thousands. All places like that have driver safety training that is required. It was the techs not the company on that one.

I get we all don't like Comcast (I hate the company) but let's keep the circle jerk in the realm of reality.


Watching with no audio it looks like ppl have no clue how to drive in the snow... That being said yeah there should be some warning a ways down the roadl

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Fair points made

the video made me more think that the techs are dumb and probably shouldn't be by electrical lines or in a lift on a snowy hill, didn't change my view on the company though.

I have done work on Right-Aways on the side of a road they should have had a flagger.

Bet the guys got in a rush. Being in a hurry is the number one cause of stuff like this.

If I had a dollar for every time I was white-knuckle on black ice while a salt truck was sitting in the median..

Lady you will have to wait till the snow stops before we fix your cable.....

89 or 90 they had an ice storm in starke FL, that was entertaining:)

That or they didn't want to be out in the snow. tbh, I can totally understand it. I wouldn't want to be there either. That said, I'm not giving them a pass for not following protocol.

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well if anyone is THAT upset, you can always oh I don't know look up the police report, reverse image search facebook, then go to PUBLIC court documents and report this Violation to OSHA/DOT(or proper overseer)

I mean TECHNICALLY it is the Good Samaritan thing to do.

EDIT: INDOT was called called, have no authority over THAT road, BUT the City it was in has already share and forwarded to the city council/overseer.

The ladies and gents over at r/osha could give more and better info, but based on this document, these guys literally did every thing wrong:

They didn't have any warning signs indicating work or a closed lane ahead, which are to be 500 feet or more before the taper.

They didn't have anyone directing the lane changes, forcing cars to merge into oncoming traffic on their own.

They did not use a buffer space (the space between the work zone and the taper zone where traffic merges). According to u/kcorkery45, buffer zones are to be a minimum of 305 feet.

Their taper zone was far too small (minimum requirement is 50 feet), even if you ignore the weather conditions.

All distances listed are a minimum under safe driving conditions and good line of sight for drivers, and these distances should be increased as needed due to speed, weather, and condition/geometry of the road.

Edit: this post is getting some traction, so I'll just add that I'm not ignoring the fact the many of the drivers shown in the video were driving too fast. They were. However, it is safe to assume that had these guys followed proper protocol, many if not all of the accidents would have been avoided. They acted as the first domino and risked the lives of every person on that road, including themselves.

Edit: u/rabblerouser41 found this state's specific regulations. The notes and point above still apply, but with some variation. If you're curious about the differences, check out his post and throw your upvotes his way:

Final edit: some have accurately pointed out that this is utility work, which can have different regulations. However, appropriate warning signs and flaggers are still required in this situation, as indicated here (pages 14 and 29):

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Title should prolly read...

Two comcast techs don't give a shit.

I think there is an internet fast lane joke somewhere in this.