Comcast EXPANDING data caps!

Didn't know if anyone else caught this. This is some pure BS!!!! I'm overall getting more and more aggravated at Comcast. If they expand to where I live I'm moving to Canada or Britain. Mainly due to the fact that they are the only people with semi decent internet where I live. The only other company that offer internet has 1Mbps. I'm currently using ~690GB a month.

They should call their next product "The Facepalm Package"

If you enjoy good and fast internet, UK is not the way to go.

That's a hefty additional $80, yikes. I live in Atlanta, we've had the data cap since they started the program. I use ~400 a month(have 50mb down connection). My bill for just internet is $40 normally, so $60 isn't terrible...but the practice of capping something that isn't finite is ludicrous. It's worse for internet connection than it is for cell carriers, at least they have the load on tower excuse. Comcast could use 1/10th of their customer's monthly payment and increase their servers 3-4 times their current size and they'd EASILY be able to handle the data. That's not to say they cannot do so now, but it'd remove any excuse they have.

That mostly depends on the provider and where you live in the country. I get 50 down and 3 up with no bandwidth caps at VirginMedia and the connection is reliable most of the time but yes, many providers in the UK are not so good. TalkTalk are notoriously bad and I had a friend at plusnet with a cap of 40GBs a month which is crazy to think as I easily go over 400GBs a month.