Comcast Customer Service is at it Again!

I don't really have much to say...

See for yourself -





Link in the doobley do?! This the PBS guy?

Screw you Comcast, Time Warner, ATT, Cox oh wait pretty much all of them.

My time warner bill is over $400 for pretty much nothing...were on a promotion, it would apparently cost more without it (but I bet the promo is costing more)

I hope when I'm an adult horseshit ISPs are gone and unthrottled internet reigns.

If you want that to happen, try to find a community with a local isp that runs fiber, because I don't see the big isp's going away anytime soon...In fact I see them getting worse as most of the people in charge of ruling this stuff are either bought out, or they just no nothing about how the internet works.

I have cox, they're really good with me. They don't care about torrents, and I get my advertised speed. They are one of the better companies.

I see people finding out that they can just get direct Internet from a Tier 1 ISP like Level 3 or Cogent and wiring whole neighborhoods up with Cat6 cables and Gigabit ethernet for everyone.