Comcast Copyright Alert Invades Steam Workshop

I was working on projects in Source Filmmaker when I paused to check in It's workshop. When I did a pop up from Comcast that looked like this(Not me but same thing anyway)- . Sorry about the link but I wasn't able to get it to show up in the forum post as a picture. Maybe someone could explain that to me as well...(continued)

  This is absolutely unacceptable that Comcast has this showing up when I enter the steam workshops. It also shows up other places. It's not like I'm going to log into the account, It was made years ago on an old email address so there isn't even a way to get into it. What should I do about this, I heard one person mention Ad blocker but I shouldn't have to use that? 

wow. that's fucked.

Use a VPN. Fuck comcast with something hard and sandpapery.

It's likely a Java injection.  Quickest way to get rid of it would be to use a script blocker.  But that's really just treating a symptom...

Do what I do and run a VPN. Fuck comcast and their tomfoolery. I won't stand for it.

They threw a fit about people using Tor, I bet VPN users are next. 

yea, they can try. And loose very business client they have.