Comcast announces 2Gbps service

According to the terms and conditions on its own website, Comcast’s new 2Gbps service will cost you $300 a month with a mandatory two-year contract. A $159/month price will be available in certain markets in the midwest, provided customers sign a three-year contract. Customers will need to live within 1/3 of a mile of a Comcast fiber network deployment and will be charged a $500 installation fee along with a $500 service activation fee. Google Fiber, in contrast, offers a typically waived $300 service fee if you sign a one-year contract and $70 per month.

That is too damned expensive. I guess they are doing this to shut someone up and to be able to say "Oh yeahnwe still have the better service." looks like that anyway. The fact that they have different pricing based on area is telling too. The don't excpct anyone to buy this really it is just to lord it over Google that they can beat them. Joke is on them as anyone who can rub two brain cells together will just get the Google fibre.

Typical Comcast. I wonder if they give customers hardware that supports >1Gbps or support aggregating multiple Gb ports all the way up?

I have a screenshot of this "X1 Gigabit Pro" plan. No details are written about it on the website. Their "XFINITY Internet Data Usage Plan" "may apply" as well. As I have learned over the few years, this is a 300GB per month "cap." The nearest plan they have is the 105Mbps plan that has to be bundled with phone and cable tv. This was seen in Alabama btw, so the map on extremetech is outdated.