Color Scheme Suggestions

I'm going to purchase a Phanteks Enthoo Primo soon, and I decided to get some nicer cables for my power supply.  Since Corsair already has replacement cables for my PSU, that sourcing part is taken care of.  However, I'm looking for advice on the color I should purchase.  I'm definitely going for a black and blue color scheme (Black case, blue LEDs).  

Do you guys think I should go for the blue cables and stick with my theme or should I go for the white ones and break things up a bit?

I would go with the blue cables.It would make it look nice.I went with a black and green theme and I wish I had green cables to match the lighting.Good luck with your decision.

I was thinking the same thing until I started seeing build logs with different color accents that differentiated from the overall theme.  Nine times out of ten it looked absolutely fantastic, so I was thinking it might be a good idea to break up some of the black and blue with a bit of white for some stark contrast.  I'm leaning more heavily towards the white, but I could still go either way at this point.

What graphics are you doing?

I would go with blue cables, but look for white ram or a GPU with white. The cables would be pretty prominent and I think it would be too much of a tertiary color. You could go gold instead of white.. Blue, gold, black wouldnt be bad.

I guess I should have clarified.  I've already got a computer built, but I feel that my computer has "outgrown" my case that has poor cable management to begin with.  Current specs are as follows:

Intel 3570k

Asus P8Z77 V-Pro Motherboard

Gigabyte GTX 760 Windforce Rev. 2

Corsair HX750

I figure since all the other cables are going to be hidden anyways, I'd only buy the cable extensions from Bitfenix that those parts require.  Why get a set of full custom cables when your power supply and hard drives are hidden?

I would just go with blue then if its already the theme. You could take a picture and use photoshop to test which looks best... take the risk out of it that way.