Color-Correct Monitors

so, having done a lot of photo editing during my last trip an my laptop I really got frustrated with how colours look on it and how different to my home monitor (LG Electronics Flatron IPS277L ) they look on it.

So do you guys have experience adjusting colours on your monitors, or do you have one of those Eizo Coloredge monitors?

I don`t really want to invest that much money just to have correct colours. I know that there a tools to adjust your monitors colour display and such.

What`s the best solution?

Theres two things. First what the monitor can do. Probably the minimum people want for accurate colour reproduction is a monitor with 100% sRGB coverage (colour gamut), then your looking at things like 10bit colour depth and adobe RGB coverage, the more you want the higher the price.

The second thing is calibration, most monitors with 100% sRGB should in theory be fairly well calibrated, you can use one of those colour checking things to check that and alter that.

Your monitor, only references a 72% colour gamut, so you'll always be missing 28% of the standard sRGB range. You can tweak the colours with one of those colour devices, but im unsure if they make any improvement on that kind of monitor.

where can I look up colour gamut of monitors? I only use sRGB, not adobe RGB

It's usualy always listed on the manufacturers site.