Color-Coded gaming PC Here's my built atm (Budget is currently $1,100). This is pretty much what I want, but since I came across this awesome Thermaltake Desktop tower, I tried to recolor my build. However, I can't find an equivalently good and equivalently priced motherboard that is red. Anyone know of one? Also, if you think that tower looks lame and have a better suggestion, go for it.

Really, I'd prefer if my build was all blue b/c I'm liking that mouse and keyboard combo--cheap, but well-rated and good looking. Also, I just prefer blue to red, but am willing to have a red PC with blue gear. Are there any towers out there that don't look tacky/low quality that are blue? It'd be great if there was one that was similar to my current one, at least in that it has some "cool" decal like the scorpion that would make it stand out.



On another note, if you see that my build could be upgraded/is not up-to date, feel free to give suggestions on that too, but make sure it's within my budget.

Black with red accents, good motherboard, more expensive than the ASUS:

Black with grey accents (cheaper than the ASUS, just as good):

Can't help you with the other things, sorry.

option 1:

i added a Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty killer board, its a very nice and well feutured board for a reasonalble price. And i changed the GPU to a msi GTX760 OC Gaming edition black/red This is a better card then the R9-270. and ik changed the case to the NZXT Phanton 410 Red. The reason why i went with this case. is because, it comes with 3 or 4 pre installed fans, that will give better airflow. But i have to say that the Thermaltake case does not look bad either.

Option 2:

In this option i choosed to add a better CPU into the build a FX8320, This is a very great bang for its buck cpu. on which games like BF4 can take the advanice of those 8 cores, also if you game and stream or you do some productivity stuff then this cpu would be a better choice.

Grtz Angel ☺

For a black/blue themed build, i will look later on.