Color Accuracy/Monitor Question

I'm looking to purchase a new monitor. I have a few problems with that though. My last monitor purchase was years ago and I was happy with it... untill... I was given a 10ish year old Dell 2405FPW. The colors looked amazing. It put my $120 Acer (don't know modem number it's gone) to shame. The colors were the biggest issue. I could not after many hours of tweaking get the colors to match across the monitors or get them to look right on the acer no matter what I did. Multiple issues here with brightness, some colors just didn't show up right at all a huge pain in the ass. 

I didn't even know how to describe the problem until I heard someone (I think on the show) mention color accuracy. When I'm shopping for monitors how can I make sure that I'm not going to make the same mistake and buy a monitor where all the colors look off no matter what I do?

These pictures make it look a bit worse and more blue than it is but gives you an idea of what I'm deal with even with a new secondary monitor Samsung Syncmaster T260 I cannot for the life of me seem to get the colors to match or get even close across screens. 

If you care about color, choose a CRT. A LCD will always have inferior color. What do you expect from a display that cannot even display the simplest color: black.