I'm moving to Bozeman, Montana tomorrow for college. I'm from Wisconsin so the distance is causing more apprehension than I'd like to admit. I'm staying in a dorm with a roommate, whose major I have yet to find out. I'll be perusing a degree in Computer Science, so I'll have the usual classes (programming, calc and so on). I'd like to know what you all have experienced or any tips you could give to a freshman. Many thanks in advance to all who reply.


Don't drop out.


Don't get drunk and ruin your textbooks in your drunkness. It's an expensive mistake.

Don't have a kid.

join clubs... you will learn more in a club (like a programming / comp security club) then you will from your class.

stay focused on your classes, but still get drunk and party. just dont go crazy with it. college is an experience. you need to have fun.

Wear a condom.