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College Reputation - Opinions?



So basically I’m changing my major to CIS instead of CS, and choosing between two schools.

  1. National University
  • I’m already enrolled
  • Private, non-profit
  • No paperwork required because I’m already there
  • One class every 4 weeks (very simple)
  • Not very many opinions on reputability
  1. DeVry
  • Get 2x as much money from GI bill because I can go on campus
  • Can’t get an answer of how many classes I have left until I finish paperwork, but don’t want to finish my paperwork, see how many classes I have left, and if I have too many I’ll end up going to National anyways, but then I have to do all the VA paperwork for national all over again.
  • Private, for-profit
  • Two classes every 8 weeks (nothing I can’t handle, but there’s more potential for them to screw up per-requisits)
  • Mixed opinions on reputability. Some good reviews, some legit negative reviews, and some dumb people

The GI bill is what’s really throwing a wrench in this. If I go to DeVry, I will get DOUBLE my housing allowance each month (about $1500 vs $750 that I’m getting now). But, if they screw up my schedule, I might end up running out of benefits before I finish my degree, and depending on how many extra classes I need to take that might end up offsetting that cost. With National, it’s very straight-forward, so I’m not worried about that.

Any more personal opinions about either college? They’re basically my only two options if I want to finish my degree some time this decade. Some other schools like ASU and WGU have some full online programs, but if I’m going to go all online I’d rather just stay at National and not have to screw with the paperwork.


Have you considered WGU?

I’m currently in the B.S of Software Dev and its pretty top notch, and quite affordable; $3.5K per semester for as many classes as I can take.


X2 on WGU over Devry. Seriously.

Do at your own pace curriculum, modern certs if you go their SysOps or NetOps degree paths. The certs are included in the tuition, which is cheap as all get out.

Software Development degree works in the Java stack, but your final project can be whatever.

They have a computer science path now, similar to software development with a focus on algorithms, data structures, and AI.

Nationally accredited too. You can transfer to another uni


I have. Do you know if they transfer credits from other schools?

One other thing to consider is I’m already over halfway done at NU. One of the problems I had with DeVry (and it would be this way anywhere else I believe) is you have to have X amount of credits at that school in order to graduate from that school, meaning because I already have so much done at NU, I can’t use it all toward my degree even if it translates directly and would normally transfer. I either have to retake some classes, or take filler classes to meet the minimum credit requirement.

That may be a problem for me, to be honest. If there’s nobody telling me that the schoolwork needs to be done by Friday or whatever, I’d rather put that time into my own projects. I don’t see myself finishing in a timely manner, and that is probably a disqualifying factor for success at WGU.


There are people that tell you that. You’ll have a student mentor and a course mentor. The student mentor checks in regularly and sets schedules for getting courses done.


Yeah they took 100% of the credits I took from my previous place, tri-county tech. I transferred in 72/72 credits.

Also, to add to this:

There are weekly calls from your mentor to keep you on track. So you’re not 100% on your own.


For-profits make me nervous. Some are fine, but there’s been enough issues with them that I, personally, would never attend one.

Past that I don’t think reputability matters as much in the long run, relevant experience will help far more. Reputability of the college would really only matter if it was an Ivy or Little Ivy, or if the person hiring was biased to whatever college they went to.


Defiinitely some things to consider then. I’m still leaning toward staying at National just to keep things simple. The only reason I was thinking about DeVry was because I could take a class on campus each term and get full BAH.

Same. Their recruiters jumped all over me pretty much as soon as I submitted my info. I was getting some car salesman vibes (maybe not quite as annoying though). The nice part is everything was really straightforward, UNTIL we got to the most important part: will my benefits last long enough to cover the rest of the classes I need? The problem is they want me to switch my benefits over in order to get the ball rolling, but I don’t want to switch my benefits over until I know whether or not all my classes will be covered, because then if I decide I don’t want to go there I’ll just have to switch them back again. I don’t mind having to pay for some classes if they do run out, but I want to know exactly which classes I need to take before signing up (and that’s the problem, I can’t seem to coax that out of them), because I don’t want to get to the end and have surprise classes I missed because they told me incorrectly or something.

At National, the program I’ll be taking is like a pipeline. There isn’t really any chance of missing stuff or getting signed up for extra stuff because you already know exactly which classes you need to finish beforehand. As much as it sucks to miss out on the extra BAH, I feel a lot safer there.


They will most likely screw you over since you do have a GI bill. But on the other hand I have heard good thing’s. But from what I know colleges just want to make money. I personally feel feel that a trade or anything related to a trade is a better option.


Yeah that’s a reason why I decided to go with WGU; they are a non-profit.


I kinda second this unless the job/company you are seeking wants to see a degree. I got my Network+ cert on my own after dropping out of LSU (bullshit school and was costing me a fortune) and I’m making $17/hr which is not bad for a 21 yo in Louisiana. Working on Security+ next.

How far into school are you at this point?


That’s kinda what I’ve heard. Mixed reviews all around. Some people say they did really well, and recruiters would come out to their school and hire as soon as they graduated. I’ve also heard of people getting completely screwed, but it’s hard to tell what’s legit and what’s not. Some people whine about how expensive it is, or how they dropped a class but they still had to pay for it because they dropped it too late. To me, that kinda stuff sounds like they just didn’t understand the rules before they started. Or there’s reviews where people say that they can’t get a job at all, but I wonder how much of that is DeVry and how much of that is their own fault for not being a good job candidate. Then I read on some forums where people claim that if they see a DeVry degree they won’t hire them (I’m not sure if that’s legal or not, but I guess if you’re posting as some random guy on the internet then it doesn’t matter) because it’s more like they bought their degree instead of working for it (also depends on the individual).

That’s why I chose NU initially. Well actually I started at the local community college and I loved it, but their IT-related programs aren’t super popular so there’s not much available in the evening or online, so I ended up having to transfer once I got my job.

I’m about 2/3 of the way done, and it’s not costing me anything. I’m actually getting paid to go, which if I’m honest with myself, is the only reason I’m going. Otherwise I’d rather just learn on my own and work on my own projects to build a portfolio, or maybe work on certs. There may be a few classes I have to pay for at the end, but I’m estimating no more than $10,000 total.


I wouldn’t trust a for-more-profit school, such as DeVry. That being said though…I know nothing about a for-lesser-profit National University. I can tell you this though…

Are you planning on getting a masters right after your undergrad education? Then it doesn’t matter where you get your bachelors, but it does matter where you get your masters. Are you not pursuing a post-graduate degree? Then it damn well matters where you get your bachelors from.

Educate yourself before you purchase an education.


Thanks for the links. I will read into them :slightly_smiling_face:

Not immediately after, most likely.

Maybe some day.

No definite answers for that at this time. It really depends on what my career looks like down the road. If I get into something where I’m living comfortably and I enjoy what I do, I probably won’t bother with it.


I don’t know if it’s still the case, but ~7 years ago when I was starting to figure out college there were reports that students were incentivized to give good reviews of the for-profit they were attending. A bad review would be troublesome for the student. Again, this was seven years ago and time can change things.

As for legality it’s actually completely legal to not hire somebody based on where they went to school. It could be argued that it’s not ethical, but what’s more or less discrimination based on education is not illegal.


If you’re not sure you’re going for your masters, then it matters where you get your bachelors.


Don’t go to Devry. If you’ve ever heard of Pheonix University they’re setup a lot like them. Don’t do it. You’re probably better off just retaking entire courses if places won’t take your credits.

You’re already at the National school, so even if it’s University of Louisville it’d almost definitely still look better than Devry.


Don’t know why my last post got hidden. But I think you should get an attorney if you think you are getting screwed out of college benefits. I personally do not think that a GI Bill should diminish your benefits.


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I don’t think I’m getting screwed over personally. But there are lots of stories of people being signed up for classes they didn’t need to take, or programs being cancelled due to low attendance and there’s no refund, certifications changing and their programs are no longer certified, etc.

I’d rather just keep doing what I’m doing than go to DeVry and have to go through that hassle if they mess anything up.


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