College laptop with some gaming

Hi, College is starting up soon and i have a little less then $1,000 to spend. I wan't to be able to do college things on my laptop and play a little csgo here and there without it being painful to play on. I was looking at other post similar to what i'm looking for but alot of them are sold out and i need some help!

I realise this is most likely a dead post but I wanted to go through and reply to posts that I can help on.

If your still looking you should wait for the new amd cpu’s come out and nvidia gpus (ryzen 5800h and 3000 series gpus)

If you are looking and need one now a good option at the top of your price range is the asus TUF with a ryzen 7 4800h however, I have a hard time recomending it if you are going to do any color work. if your taking notes and doing research the 9hr battery life is by far the best in your price point. (I won’t link it. you will have to look it up on amazon and again with any color work its a no go. Unless you have an external monitor.)

a second option would be this

and a value option is also good the Acer Nitro 5