College Degree

Hey Guys,

I'm just about to go into to college and I have always wanted to be an engineer but now i'm beginning to be more interested in computers. I was just wondering if you lot could tell me what majors you studied and if you thought it was rewarding or not?

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PS: I just started watching your YouTube and I love it. Keep up the good work!

I'm not sure how it works in the US, but back in Australia all of the engineering students at my university had to do a common first year, so if that is the case here I would stick with engineering and if you still want to go into a computer related field after your first year either go into software engineering or computer systems engineering. 

Hey I wouldn't rule out engineering as it is such a broad field. If you're interested in computing there is degrees such as mechatronic engineering computer systems engineering and electrical engineering all which involve both the maths and science of engineering whilst also studying the fundamentals of computing in which you'll do programming and such 

Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering.

Computer science will give you a broad understanding of computers, networks, software, and hardware. Software engineering will be a focus in software, and computer/electrical engineering will give you a focus more on hardware. You'll program and learn a lot about computers in all these disciplines. A lot of the time you'll learn enough about the others that when you graduate you can still apply to the other types of jobs and you'll likely be considered for that position just as well as anyone else.

True, none of those degrees are bad choices.

Thank you guys so much this was a big help! I'm probably going to stick to the more broad majors so that I can have options later like everybody said.


You may also want to consider getting and Associates degree in computer/electronics engineering and a Bachelors in business management. Just about any job you will hold will require you interact with people both customers and employees, and project/people management skills are valuable in any work environment.

Also, for most fields getting certifications can also help set you apart from the job competition.

I wish you well with whatever path you decide on.