Collecting photos/stories from many folks for memorializing a sudden loss... Again

How would you collect photos from people of various walks of life, ages, and technologies for the purposes of a memorial?

A fatal heart attack has got us once again receiving photos in any and all possible methods. I’d like to make this a little easier.

Problem: Now, folks send photos/stories via sms, google, apple, facebook walls/messenger/insta, email, to various members in the family. Those people are then sending them through various methods to my spouse. This is getting difficult to organize. I don’t have any accounts on any social media sites, so there’s no one-platform I can currently ‘force’. The only common thread from these people, is they all have some form of internet access.

Goal: Web based/open source method for people to go to a domain and perhaps upload. I’m thinking maybe a page could display ‘approved’ images/videos and perhaps captions related to the image.

This seems like there could be some issues with non-family/friends trying to upload garbage or somehow prod the solution for weaknesses.

This is the 5th family member to pass in the last 20 months, and sadly, we don’t have a decent memorial or photo collection from the first 4. So while this is bleak tool, I think a solution would assist in some folks who can’t come to the memorial in person for various reasons, or learn about the loss months later.

Is anyone familiar with a self hosted photo solution for something like this? I have a proxmox server behind PfSense with access to ~60 Tb NFS storage, and gigabit up/down. I’ve not messed with wordpress or any other CMS systems, but that seems like a possibility too.

Any suggestions, direction would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a usecase for nextcloud or plex photo backup. These were results when I searched selfhosted google photos

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Seems like the most obvious answers are hidden in plain sight. I already run nextcloud in LXC on proxmox. Same for plex… I’ll check out photoprism and see if it will be a good presentation layer to the end-users (aka, family and friends). Thanks for the tip, and pointing out the most obvious path. My brain is clearly going to enjoy this distraction.

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