CoH RTW Event?

this weekend if no ones doing anything, we should get as many people as possible to play a few rounds of Company of Heroes. its one of my favorite RTS out there.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts?

If so, I'm in.

lol sorry i havent been hosting, due to shit with comcast...

and ofcourse neither fios nor uverse are in my area...

i may play, i got CoH with my 8800gt a while back lol

its a good game, CoH and sins of a solar empire are like the only strategy games i play. But ya i suck too much at strategy games to play people actually into the genre.

Maybe a game everyone has?


ill pown you all bitches

lol great, another game i don't have. oh well :3

I have it too, I'm gonna be so ba--

Wait... I can't play online ;_;

We eventually need to do a game that everyone has, like somthing thats free, because we switch games every week, and I dont have that big of a library, idk, i know im gonna get punched for saying this, but something like Army ops. its free, its descent. *Punch.

Needs more CS:S and TF2

L4D will be the official game of RtW

yea, but even to get the demo its $45

oh sorry, im not worried about everyone as you can really only 4v4 :p BUT! if we can get that many or even like 3v3 id be happy. and of course you dont need a dedicated server for CoH, so we should be fine blood. so far we have 6 people? maybe.

anyone tht has it we should play tomorrow and add everyone as friends i play it alll the freaking time

are we playing Company of heroes, or company of heroes opposing?

it doesn't matter

I have the original COH downloaded, but I'm not sure I can play it online. I bought Opposing Fronts though.

you can play freaking uh with the British and panzer elite only online with oppossing fronts

but you can still play with other original players too it dont matter

i was shooting more for saturday night maybe,i got a big party to go to. but yeah, if you only have one half, all that means as you can only play as that half online.

yeah i kno i have both cause i'm selfish

and annoying

i'm sorry

if i'm annoying

but yeah if we put a game up i'll play

you isnt annoying