Coffee... where do you want it?

Hello Logan, I am a great fan of the show and I would love to show my appreciation. I work in the specialty coffee industry, and one way I can give back is to share some of the freshest, highest quality roasted coffee with you and the Tek Syndicate crew. I would like to send you a pound every so often, but I don't know where to deliver it.

Once I have a way to get it to you, I hope you prefer to grind it yourself. Otherwise, let me know your brewing method of choice, and I can have it ground for you. Next, what is your favorite coffee-growing region, or what sort of flavor profile suits you best? The more information you give me about what you like about coffee, the better I can choose something you're really going to like.

Thanks again for all the work you guys do in putting together these videos!


Here's his email to get a hold of him.

[email protected]