Coffee tip :)

Hey Coffee lovers out there :)

Me, my girlfriend and minime was i Thailand 6 weeks earlier this year, amazing trip, we fell in love with a local coffee called Doi Chaang really nice soft and fruity coffee, so if u can get your hands on it do try it :)

also if u like us dont have the kitchen space for a real espresso machine try the AeroPress amazing little thing, i'm taking mine on my next hicking trip :) good coffee on the mooooove :)

enjoy and please do share good coffee and machines :)

Best Regards Otto

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I've heard good things about Aeropress, is it definitely good value for money?
That coffee sounds quite nice actually, cheers for sharing

Hey porygon

The Aeropress is very very good, and its good value for the money, its best way to make a single cop of coffee easy and fast, just boil a little water, grind some beans, wait a bit and you have very good coffee and its small and light so you can take it with you on camping/hicking picnics or to friends and family with no coffee or just bad coffee ;)

Best regards Otto

I would have gone with a Siphon but that looks interesting.

I second the Aeropress, I use it every day for my morning brew and I have some tips;

  • Use a specific method, I find inverted best
  • 18g freshly ground, freshly roasted (look for a roast date) single origin coffee, coarse sand consistency
  • 85 Celsius water

Happy brewing

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yeah it sounds pretty sweet! Cheers for the tip mate!