Coffee Time #002 LG l5 review

HI everybody .. this is me and jacareno and have started this channel called Coffe time

I am irish and he is from portugal so we are somthing different at least.

we are very open to any abuse/constructive criticism that you may have.

Please enjoy and like if you feel we deserve it and tell us ow we can improve.

Coffee time out!

Very nice, Music may need to be a bit quieter and try to find a font that really fits (I'm talking about the font used for the specs, it didn't really fit)

Other than that keep it up, I'd like to see where this channel goes. Do be careful posting videos in the community/blogs section though. Seeing that teksyndicate is a buisness and this could be considered cometition and they my take it down. If i were you I'd make a forum thread and add videos as you go on.

thanks a lot for the feedback! and about the buiseness thing i see your point and if anyone says anything about us doing this we have no problem removing it. about the fonts i agree with you but we were kind of in a rush when editing this...

  • The music is a tad loud like said before
  • Sominox mic could be a bit better it seems a little flat
  • For something like a phone there should be some more hands on stuff give people and idea what it would look and feel in hand
  • I feel at the end some pros and cons could be pointed at or better explained

For a first time not bad I would give it 3 coffees :P

NICE! you have given us the idea for the ratings on all of our tech videos...

Thank you for your input Emperorpiehead ... i give you 5/5 coffees for your review of our review

I only see a few issues here.

One being the intro, it's detracting primarily because of its length. People may clock on the video and instantly steer away from it or skip it entirely. I suggest cutting it to 6 seconds or less.

The second problem is that there's already a youtube series titled "Coffeh Time". Your format and formula may be completely different, but notice that the audience will most likely only recognize the larger channel because it's more well known, has a large community following, and it titled similar. This will only hurt your sucession.

thanks for the feedback! about the intro we are not pros and  it is't the greats intro ever... we'll work on it.

About the channel's name, when we started we had no idea of a channel that already had that name, therefor we are open for new name suggestions...