Codecs Problem! Help Required!

I downloaded Transformers 720p .wmv bluray and i have installed K-Lite
Mega Codecs and every sound is coming except for the dialogue of the
humans. Robot dialogue is audible but no human sound. i un installed
this version and downloaded the latest K Lite Mega Codecs 5.0.0 and now
all my .wmv and .mkv or DVD videos have no human dialogue audible,
every other music or sound effect is audible! even the YouTube ones!!

i tried un installing and installing the older version and the new
version again and again but i still cant hear any human dialogue from
the 720p or 1080p or dvd movies!

Help Required!

I am going to take a wild guess that you are using Windows Media Player, no?

[color=#ffffff][u]Alright here is the solution: [/u][/color]

For [color=#3366ff][b]Blu-Ray[/b][/color] movies that are [color=#3366ff][b]"backed up to the computer"[/b][/color]...either use[color=#ff9900][b] VLC player[/b][/color] or [color=#99cc00][b]Zoomplayer[/b][/color]. They both handle a large majority of formats out there including mkv.

Install either or both of those above mentioned programs and you should be good. From personal experience, [color=#ff9900]VLC cannot handle intensive parts in blu-ray movies (for now)[/color] however [color=#99cc00][b]Zoomplayer does the job flawlessly without hiccups[/b][/color] making it the best choice out there that I know of.Â

[If your still having [color=#ff9900]audio[/color] or [color=#ff9900][b]video[/b][/color] problems install these [color=#33cccc][b]Codecs[color=#ffffff] &[/color][/b][/color][color=#33cccc] Decoders[/color]:]

If it's a Blue-Ray CD, I think zoomplayer can play it but there are more program options here which are, [color=#ffcc00][b]Arcsoft Totalmedia Theater[/b][/color] & [color=#ffcc00][b]Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra[/b][/color]. Those are 2 that I know work with bluray discs [color=#ff0000][b]ONLY[/b][/color][color=#ff0000][b]!

[/b][/color]I believe someone mentioned another media player that plays blurays on this forum, I forget where but that could be an alternative if you can discover it-

I downloaded Transformers

Everytime, I die a little inside. I'm mostly dead now.

Don't mind if I toss dirt on you-

VLC player is the only player.

Thanx guys, problem solved!