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Code 43 unraid 6.7 nividia grid 40M


Hello, I have been trying to get two of my Grid 40M cards working under unraid 6.7 for awhile now.
I am able to get unraid to see the cards and pass them threw to the VMs. all four per cards show up.
When installing the drivers from Nvidia page they will not install, saying that they can’t find the device to install.
When I try the server 2012 drivers, they would install but I would get error code 43!
I have read solution on fixing the code 43 with editing and adding < vendor_id state=‘on’ value=‘1234567890ab’/ > < hidden state=‘on’/ to the xlm of the VM but this has not worked and I still get code 43 or the drivers can’t find the card in the windows 10 vm to install the drives!
Please someone help me with this, I dont know what I’m doing wrong and i’m really not very good with linux but I am trying.unraid1