COD: MW2 blows

So I just played the demo that steam is allowing this weekend and this game completely blows dill hole. This series has been completely destroyed with this multiplayer bull crap. No way I spend money on this crap. Maybe the singleplayer is alright, haven't played that. Multiplayer is definitely a big bummer with the way they designed it though.

Singplayer in CoD has always been ridiculously linear, and very short. No point in either modes. However, I'm gonna play now, I'll come back why my take on multiplayer on PC. I hated it on Xbox.

This is what I have been saying to console amd IW fanboys since the release. It's just so ridiculous how they designed the MP. A huge mistake, IW!

People said Treyarch sucks, IW is equally bad.

Haha, I actually enjoyed Treyarch's World at War installment!

world at war was great, i liked the bolt action rifle only servers, that way only people who could aim played, not the spray'n'prayers,
cod 4 pro-mod was great too played alot of scrims with it

yea i liked both of those mw2 just is aweful why would i ever play mw2 when theres battlefield bad company2

cod1 was good

so was cod 2, cod 3 blew dick, cod 4 was good, and then it was just copy/pasting the same game with new guns and killstreaks, so its just fuckin boring

CoD 1 was awesome. I loved that game on the GameCube, but it was certainly lacking online multiplayer. CoD 2 was the best CoD that has been released. CoD 3 was a bit of a let down, because they added vehicles to MP, and basically ruined it. I didn't buy CoD 4, as I wasn't much into the whole "Modern Warfare" thing, I much prefer WW2. Then CoD 5 was awesome.