CoD: Ghosts Sensitivity Changes Randomly Mid-Game

When I am in game, my sensitivity will go from normal up to a random other sensitivity. Sometimes the sensitivity is changed to a medium-ish sensitivity and is tolerable for the 2 seconds it lasts, and sometimes I go to turn a corner and find myself spinning for those 2 seconds. I have looked online and found people with solutions like:

1. Change the priority of the game (Done)
2. Turn off shadows (I changed all the graphics settings to lowest, and then to highest, problem persists on both settings)
3. Disable overlays, such as Fraps or Razer Comms overlays. (Done)
4. Change the mouse polling rate to somewhere under 500 Hz (Done at 125 and 500 Hz)
5. I also thought it may have been a framerate issue like my refresh rate was too high for the game's fps, and thus caused input lag. I changed my refresh rate to every one they have in settings, problem persists.

I think that's about all I have tried, nothing seems to work. This problem seems to have started occurring right after I uninstalled Razer Surround. The fps change occurs about every 30 seconds in game, I'm not sure if that's constant or not. I would like to avoid reinstalling my game as I am a student living on campus and bandwidth is unbelievably slow. Does anyone out there have anything they can give me?

I have had a similar issue myself, for me this happened when my FPS fluctuated even if only by 1 or 2 frames per second. On my system (specs on my profile page), Ghost's V-Sync option did not work correctly and FPS would fluctuate from 55-60 even though with out it I would get well over 100. The problem was worse for me without V-Sync but one fix I found that limiting my FPS to 60 through my Nvidia Driver using ASUS GPU Tweak and disabling V-Sync in game. (You can use many apps to do this, Radeon Pro works great on AMD or Nvidia). You can also use Radeon Pro to force other types of V-Sync, I found that Radeon Pro's Dynamic V-sync eliminates inconsistent mouse sensitivity and lag in games that this occurs on my System. 

I hope this helps, let me know if it fixes your problem. 

Here is a link to Radeon Pro if your interested: