COD:Ghost requirements..?

Nvidia recently came out with info on COD:Ghost.. Minimum requirements are Intel Core 2 Duo E8200, 6GB of ram and a GTX 550/ HD 5870. Fair enough.. But they are saying that you will also need 50 fucking GB of storage! And they recommend a GTX 780.. What? 

This must be a joke

Battlefield 4 looks better and has lower recommended requirements.

Yes, it really must be a joke. I mean, if it's not a joke and you really need those requirements, It still is a joke.

It is a joke

Nvidia says 50 GB on their website, I read somewhere else that they had recommended a GTX 780. But I can't find it on their website.. 

Nvidias spec list

GTX 780


I see its anuther 64bit game maybe all the next gen games are going to be 64bit? 

But still those specs are just crazy for a cod has got PhysX so i can see why it may need a beaffy gpu for that but a GTX780?

The GPU is kinda weird. But 50 gigs just blows my mind..

50 does seem like a lot, but that the same time, I'm not too surprised if games start to get that big, If the PC version ships with 4k textures, it could easily get that big

probably includes a buffer and room for any/all dlc, hell the base game for bf3 is 20GB

it might seem a bit low, but it minimim, that's everything as low as it goes including resolution

Recommend a 780 and people will buy a 780.

Recommend a 760 (Probably more reasonable) and people will buy a 760.

What will grant Nvidia more money?