CMD Prompt at Startup

Whenever I startup my computer this prompt flashes for a slit second. It doesn't really bother that much but if it's easy to get rid of I'd like to. If not then it can stay put, no problem. I was guessing it might be Startisback but that's just a shot in the dark. I really have no clue. Any suggestions?

CMD Prompt

Could be anything from CCC to a RAT. 

Anything weird in your startup options?

I've already disabled most of the things in there.  The hide console is for folding @ home and the rest are intel and I don't know what they are so I've left them be.Task Manager Startup

hkcmd module is whats doing it.


Dang, I ended up disabling all the services and it remains there. Oh well, I think I'm just going to ignore it. It's only there for a moment. It happened last time I installed Win 8 Pro too. I'll think about what programs i installed in both instances. Maybe I'll narrow down the list when I have some more time. Thank you though. For a moment there I thought it was really gone.

If it's worth anything, many of the computers at my school do this on windows 7.