CM Storm Trooper buttons

Hi guys, I have a question I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere.
I have a CM Storm Trooper case and it has an LED power button on the front pannel that switches the two HDD cage fans LEDs on and off. I also have two pairs of cold cathodes in my case, each pair with a different switch. Is there anything stopping me from attatching all my lighting to the one switch on the front of my case or will that cause problems for me somewhere? I understand that I wont be able to vary which lights are on and which are off but that's not a problem. 

Any help would be appreciated!

There are 3 led fan cables (2 pin female). 2 are used by the front fans. Get a splitter for the other one and attach it that way to your cathodes. Also can you please also answer my question. It's in the same category as this one and it's about the same case. :) Thanks! 

Okay, I'll give that a shot, any idea what that connection is called? I'd prefer to make a cable splitter rather than cut that one off. 

I'll try my best with your question too, thanks :) 

No. The book just calls it an LED fan cable but I traced it back to the fan controller.

Thanks for the help mate. Also, my computer is right next to my bed and when I'm torrenting overnight those 4 cathodes are increadably bright. I just want all the lights to turn off with one switch :).

Yw. And haha I get ya.