CM Hyper TX3 vs CM Hyper T4

Which of these CPU coolers would be the best for overclocking my AMD FX 6300? There is only £5 difference so price doesn't matter. I have an Antec VSK-4000E case with an ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0. Also does the Hyper T4 support 2 fans?

Get the hyper 212 Evo instead. Supports 2 fans if you want push/pull. These are cheap coolers so only do a modest overclock unless you get something more efficient at dissipating heat. about £25

The Hyper 212 Evo is to big for my case, Is there any others you would recommend then? I think I'm going to get the TX3 

Or what about the AC Freezer Extreme Rev2?

Missed it by that much... TX3 then.

I don't know much about the cooler, but be careful overclocking on the LE board. There are no heatsinks on those VREGS and other power delivery components. They can get rather hot. 

Would i be able to get 4.1 - 4.3 ghz ?

I have the CM Hyper TX3 on my old Phenom II 925 quad-core.

The heat dissipation for the TX3 I found was good 29c on idle and nowhere near 50c on full load. The thermalpaste used was the Arctic MX2, instead of the stock paste that comes with the TX3. I'm running it in a push-pull configuration.


my stock cooler on my  AMD FX 6300 reaches 53c on Prime95 with the stock cooler 

please use aida 64 for stress testing with fx chips prime 95 has not been recoded to work properly with the fx line. it causes higher power draw and has the possibility of over heating the socket.