CM HAF X availability

Like seriously, CM released this case at the beginning of the month and as of today hardly there were any to zero in every stores worldwide. Even Newegg hasn't got any yet. When are they exactly going to ship out these cases because my PC is sitting outside, collecting dust for nearly 2 months and the video card popped out of the slot this morning due to not enough weight pushing the card down to the slot, or I should say no screws were used as a matter of fact.

Patience young padawan

Boy, don't you look stupid.

i predict that future cases will also have that gpu support bracket aswell, we can only hope

Dis one, my friend, is what you need:

I think Newegg hates me. I've checked it at the full tower section and it wasn't there before.... oh well, patience....

@DK, that won't fit my board mah boi. Moving on.

Oh. Â If you're looking for a specific item you should search it :D

Oh. Â If you're looking for a specific item you should search for it. Â

gonna be replacing the red led fan with a blue one as you've said before?

Wtf, one more SR2 user?!

Only some rich-ass noob would own one.

Doesn't imply to me. Take another guess of which large-ass board I own.

BTW, yes I'll be switching the front fan. Got to buy the blue fan first because there's only one left in stock.

Gigabyte X58 UD7/9?
Classified 4-way?
Server board?

Get on with it!!!

2nd one

Then here is all you need:



The PC-P80 is very expensive + there aren't anymore in NZ. Just recently sold out.

go with the haf x if you like it then cause thats wat it really comes down to in the end personal taste not other people's =P

If you can afford a Classified, you won't mind throwing an extra $100 for it's luxury case!

Yeah, but the case has an outdated thermal design. Like you know when the bottom fan of a PSU intakes air from there, because the air flow is parallel from the CPU and the mosfets, it'll only suck in hot air from one or both.

Ah yea, and I just got a 200mm blue fan and another Caviar Black today.