Cm haf 932 vs cm haf 922

Tell me your pros and cons on both of these cases.

I'm thinking of getting HAF 922 b/c I find that it will cool everything better.

Review on CM haf 922

Review on CM haf 932


922 is just a smaller version of 932, so if you really dont mind get the 932.
BUT, my real suggestion is Antec 1200

If you live in the US, the Antec 1200 is on sale at Newegg for $160 free shipping.

Your Price: $159.99
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Or you could always...

HAF 932 FTW!!

The HAF 932's top PSU slot is almost useless, unless you use it for water.

the HAF 922 has some dust filters..

better than nothing..

The dust filters makes me wanna get the 922...

932 is full tower, 922 is mid tower, 932 wins!
As for dust filters they are available, but according Logan and Pathogen you should just get those nylon leggings and stretch them over your intake fans. (Or the way I would do it take a Polyester shirt use that)

the 922 looks a lot better from pics. i would get the stacker if it wasnt so damn heavy and had such expensive shipping.