What I want to do is take a program I use on my desktop (ice book reader pro) and find a way to put it on some kind of tablet pc. I have NO clue about tablets, or even if this can be done.

In short, I wanna turn a tablet into a modified version of a Nook. If the tablet has speakers, and can handle windows programs, I can even throw on a tts voice I have. 

Is it even possible to pull this off???

  1. What tablet do you have? 
  2. What format are your ebooks in?

Oh, don't own a tablet. Wanted to see if It was possible to even pull this stunt off. If it is possible, what do I need to buy. My ebooks are epub. The program I want to use (ice book reader) can only handle epub. No mobi files. 

I think that kindle supports epub and you could use any number of epub readers on androind and windows too.

Surface Pro 3 by Microsoft. It's windows in a tablet.

Wow, the surface pro is expensive. Maybe a laptop would be a better choice for my needs. You see my eyesight is not the best. Icebook Reader Program I use really does some amazing things. It will even read the book itself to me using a nice text to speech program. 

I use my computer for all my entertainment needs. Watch movies, Play video Games, Read My books, Listen to my Music. Even Watch a Small amount of T.V.  I was simply looking for options to Read My books while watching a Movie, Or T.V..  Find something that allowed me to get away from the Desktop and still enjoy my Books.

I figured if anyone would know the best options, it would be you guys and Gals. I simply can not justify the cost of a tablet when all it is gonna be used for is reading books. My limit price wise that I would be willing to spend on making this a possibility is 300 bucks. Chances are the Laptop, or Whatever will NEVER be hooked to the net. 


I would SO love to find something like the Nextbook Tablet with 8GB Memory 8 that I found at amazon for 100 bucks that would allow me to run pc based programs on. 

Nexus 7.  You don't need to install windows to have epub files read to you. Google Books will read them aloud for you.  It also has an amazing list of features.  And for ~3 dollars you can get Aldiko Book Reader if you require other features.  I think you'd be surprised though how well the default Google Books app does for you.

yeah +1 for a windows tablet. problem solved.