Club3D HD7870 Royal King 2GB & Club3D HD 7870 JokerCard 2GB in Crossfire?

Hi folks, I got a Club3D HD7870 Royal King 2GB from a friend of mine, and was looking for a similar card to use in a crossfire configuration.

I found a Club3D HD 7870 JokerCard 2GB, used online.

Can these 2 cards function in a crossfire setup?
If yes, how well will they work together?

Any help is much appreciated :)

As far as i can see the Royal King card is the fastest, so this should be the primary card I guess.

The motherboard is this:

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The faster card will clock down to match the slower one.

It'll work just about as well as any other CF set up.

Not the case since the introduction of PowerTune in 2011. Crossfire cards operate on independent clock rates now.

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Thanks for the quick replies :)
So the two cards should be just fine?
Will the 2 different clock-speeds result in stuttering since the Poker King card is faster than the Joker card?
Or is the speed difference negligible?

I could have swore that my old 7970 downclocked when I crossfired it with a 7950. That was in 2012/2013. But maybe my memory is a bit hazy.

It should not have unless you did it manually. I can tell you with my 6900 quadfire setup, all cards can (and usually do) operate at different clockrates without issue.

I believe you. Perhaps I did clock them manually, or I just forgot what happened.

Nope you cannot crossfire these 2 particular cards.
Because they use a diffrent chip.

The 7870 is a pitcarn chip.
The 7870 joker card is a 7870Xt which is a Tahiti chip.

So nope its not possible.

Nope its not possible, see my post above.
The 7870XT is a totaly diffrent card then a normal 7870.
You can´t crossfire these 2 cards together.

Oh I didn't realize that was an XT.

Thanks for the info, I thought that AMD Crossfire was able to utilize different GPU's.
But they have to be the same chip? But the manufacturer can be different?

MisteryAngel is correct.

I have a 7870 XT which is a Hawaii Chip it can SLI (CFo) with-

7870 XT

Normal 7870 is a different chip.

Same GPU types can go together, ie, 7950, 7870 XT are binned or disabled 7970s.

Thats correct, but the 7870XT and 7870 are diffrent gpu´s.
7870XT is a shrinked down Tahiti chip.
7870 is pitcairn.