Club3D 6850 cooler on HIS 7850 GPU (switching coolers)

Hey guys i just bought a defective Club 3D 6850 for 6 Euro's and i currently have a His 7850

what i bought

what i have

so i was planning to put the cooler from the 6850 onto my 7850 to get some lower temps and less noise.

does anyone of you have experience? or tips/tricks?

and do you think this is a smart idea?

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All I had handy to compare was a 6950 to a 7970, but they look like the same distancing on the X-Bracket. I'd say if the heatsink only makes contact to the GPU die, and sits over all the capacitors without bumping then go for it. My only concern is if you don't end up with any direct cooling for the Memory or VRM.

If the 7850 had no prior cooling on those areas, and the cooler from the 6850 fits without conflict, go for it!

so yeah i totally wen't for it,
i'll make a post with explanation and pictures sometime this weekend 

*normaly* the basic 4 screws near the gpu are the same on all amd gpu's ( tested with 7870 / 270x / 7850 / 270 cooler on R9 290 )

So if the cooler isn't too heavy , it should be able to hold from those 4 screws .


BTW if you don't need the card , I'l cover shipping .

So it worked I take it.

Yes it totally worked.

but i-am quite bussy. Ill make a post sometime this week ;)

as for the card i first try to sell it and if that doesnt work you can have it