Club 3D R9 380?

I'm looking to upgrade my few years old GTX 660 to a card that can double the performance for a similar price range. I have been waiting a while to see what AMD will have to offer with the 3xx series, and although the re-brands are disappointing, I don't wish to support Nvidia anymore.

I have been looking at getting the R9 380 because it using the much more recent GCN 1.2, as opposed to the other re-brands using older versions. It also seems to be on of the more power efficient, and cooler AMD cards, so that is always a good thing in my mind.

With that preamble out of the way, I've been looking around at prices, and I have become very frustrated. Living in Canada I see a $50+ markup on all versions of AMD cards, which is ridiculous compared to the US prices, especially when things were a lot closer when I bought my 660 a few years ago. Also, I don't want the 2GB version. I will be using this card for years to come and I know 2GB is not gonna cut it anymore, so 4GB is the way to go. The difference in price from the two versions is also quite absurd here in Canada.

After some looking, I found the lowest price on what I want, however it is from a lesser known company that I am wary of.

Here is the link:

In the end I'm looking to see peoples opinion and hopefully past experiences with Club 3D. If it offers similar performance to counterparts and won't fail on me, it seems like the way to go.

Any other suggestions?

I have always liked club3d, I have one of their super clocked 7970's (royal queen or something... cant remember) in my brothers machine and it STILL chews through every game he plays on it at 1080p with good framerates.

After a bit more searching, I managed to find a Gigabyte version $10 cheaper: