Cloudbackup on Windows Server 2016


Since Carbonite is no longer supporting Windows server version for their private cloudbackup im looking for a solution to when my subscription runs out. I have my eyes on Backblaze B2 which seems like a decent solution since most of the time i will backup to the cloud and not retrieve anything. But im having a hardtime figuring out a good client for Windows. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or maybe to another provider. I want something that does everything automatically when its setup. Like it want it to monitor the pictures folder on the server and backup whenever new pictures are put in that folder.

Any ideas?



A couple of things spring to mind;

Microsofts own backup solution using Azure (assuming you have an account etc.):

TarSnap (cloud backups for the paranoid):

If you just want things like Documents and Pictures backed up the end-user cloud drives like Onedrive, Google Drive etc. might also be worth a look?

EDIT, back to your first question it lools like this is the Windows Client backblaze recommend:

Does that not meet your requirement?

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I looked at the Cloudberry client but that itself is $120 which is kinda steep imo…

With TarSnap would i own the Amazon Bucket myself? I wanna go with a big player so i dont loose if the company goes belly-up.

Can i setup Onedrive or Google Drive to upload from a specific folder and not just the Drive folder? Dosnt work for OneDrive for business i can tell you

Tarsnap manages the AWS bucket, you don’t need an account. You just pay $0.25 per GB per month, it’s good value if your data backup size is realatively trivial.

I think Google Drive has now changed and there is a backup component that you can set to backup specific folders. I am not sure how this activity is scheduled.

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Like I usually post in these threads, I suggest getting an unlimited space google drive with a $10/month GSuite for Business account and yes, you get unlimited space with only 1 user and yes I’m sure, yes I’m sure, really I am. Then you backup to the GDrive with Duplicati.


Nice thanks. And i can see that duplicati also supports B2 if needed…

Yes, it supports a ton of backends and they just added a rclone backend so you inherit everything rclone works with also.

This sounded really good, so I took a look. Unfortunately if you have fewer than 5 users in your business gsuite each user will be limited to 1 TB. It’s still not a bad deal if when you look at the overall package though (assuming you need/want all the other gubbins).



That’s really funny, but you managed to miss the point yet again!

You best explain it then; the google documentation is clear no unlimited storage for only 1 gsuite user. If there is a way around that to get unlimited storage for $10 per month that would be great :slight_smile:


Sorry, if I am just being dense - or maybe there is a forum joke I have missed???

Its more what you’d call a guideline than an actual rule. They dont actually stop you from using more.


Thanks for humouring me. I wonder if they will ever change that. I remember Microsoft started enforcing limits on their unlimited cloud storage after a few users really took liberties.

From what I understand its like DO droplets only having 1tb of transfer. Theres so many people not going anywhere near that amount, those that go over still dont make up the difference. Not that many people realize they can though too so its not been abused as much.

It could go away though so I dont think I would rely on it solely but I wouldnt use cloud backup solutions as my only means of backup. I dont know if OP actually has other backup solutions.

I have a 3 disk rotation for our server and every night, that days backup goes home and the next disk is brought in. One disk always stays in the server so theres always 1 disk off site and 2 on site. Cloud is nice for stuff like natural disasters but IMO should not be the sole backup method.

Not trying to flame you here but yes, you were being dense. Extremely dense.

I explained three times in the post you quoted that it works with only 1 user, because I’ve been down this road before, and yet you still didn’t pick it up.

They could choose to enforce it at any time, and my guess is eventually they will. But if they do drop it they won’t just nuke your files, they will simply disallow further uploads. And if you need it, you’re not going to get unlimited fast storage for $50/month anywhere else either.

Agree with you there. The other thing that the OP may not have considered is that if your backup mechanism monitors a folder and syncs any changes to the cloud storage over writing the file (without keeping the older version) then it’s not really a backup solution at all as there are several sceanarios it won’t protect against.

Thanks again for the explanations.

Duplicati stores multiple versions, so you can restore any file from your backup as of February 18th or whatever. It’s block-based, so it only uploads changed blocks. And of course everything is fully encrypted. Good software.

Happy for you to call me dense. You probably want to consider how you word things if you want to genuiely be helpful. What sounds clear and funny when you type can easily be missed on a forums.

I probably would have got what you were saying if you used an emoticon :wink:

How would you prefer that I word it? I said it works with only 1 user and I was sure about that. A wink would imply that I was joking, but I wasn’t.