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(CLOSED) Totally lost, FX 8350 performance abysmally low (er than normal)


Yeah they're still too low at all clock speeds and settings :-/


Only one way to find out for sure: Change the chip.
If that resolves it, you basically murdered the old one.


Silicon lottery has just as much impact on how early or late the chip hits diminishing returns past a certain clock. It doesn't matter how high OC hits if its performance gain peak is reached early on. Although, this is more evident on GPU chips. However, I doubt this is the case. I think you just have to hit the right combo. Maybe your CPU gains more performance through Ratio OC, maybe vice versa through Bus Frequency OC, or maybe a little bit of both. Although, since you're more concerned in Cinebench multithread performance, I'd say focus your efforts in Bus OC.


UPDATE: SEE FIRST POST, problem discovered :-)

No amount of changing the way I overclock changes the end result: the performance results are lacking clock-for-clock when compared to any other FX chip I have ever owned. I also love how people suggest arbitrarily trying a different chip as though they have the money to do that or know someone who has one lying around not being used that's nearby.

That being said, my fiance's chip performs right where it should, more or less (same chip as mine). I was originally using hers, actually, but noticed that this one seemed to have better overall overclocking potential... sad, considering this thing only hits 4.6 GHz at 1.5V. No chip of mine has been murdered by anything other than a Gigabyte 990FX UD3 Rev 1.1 board, or a shorted component elsewhere in the case. It's not JUST Cinebench where the problem exists: every test I run where the CPU is part of the performance testing shows results that don't line up with where the chip should be performing, including all Aida64 tests, 3DMark Physics scores, etc. Ever since my fresh install things have gotten SLIGHTLY better, but the chip is still under-performing with every task I set it to, even gaming.

I've just given up on this platform entirely. It's not worth my time or trouble anymore, and after trying everything I can (read back, all of these OC suggestions have already been made by others and tested by me) nothing has changed. I'm just stuck with this for the foreseeable future since all of my funds are going towards adult stuff. Again, thank you all for the help that was offered, but AFAIC I'm done.


I think its understandable that you give up on it.
I would have done the same in your case.
It doesnt realy make a whole lot of sense of spending anymore money in this dead old platform tbh.

I would say, just upgrade some time in the near future if possible.


I would love to, but an an income of only 10.50 an hour and way too many other bills to pay, including financing my 980 i got less than a year ago, it's just not gonna happen. Even with my issue discovered and the platform actually performing fine, it's just not worth re-selling; I could justify MAYBE 250 bucks for the mobo, CPU, AND RAM, and even then that would still leave me with not enough money for the CPU and memory I'd need.

It will have to do for the foreseeable future.


1.38vcore ± 0.025 for drops is enough for every not damaged 8350 … Never noticed more than 1.404v and less than 1.356v
Tested all offsets arround and vcore itself - 1000% Stable.


Necro. Please note the last post date.