[Closed] i3 3220 For Sale


I have an Intel Core i3 3220 processor that I want to sell.  It comes with the stock Intel heatsink.  It was used lightly for a few weeks.  Mostly used for web browsing and document creation.  I'm looking to get $100 for it, but feel free to make an offer.  I'll take care of shipping.

By the way, can anyone explain how paypal works?  How do I receive payments and all that jazz?  I've never had to do anything like this before.  So if someone could explain, it would be much appreciated.

When you set a payment, you send the payment to the email address that was used to create the account. Simples :P However you will require to tie a bank account to the account if you wish to withdraw the money.

Oh, okay.  Well, that was easier than expected.  Thanks for the tip.

Price drop => $90.  Any takers?

I'm definitely buying this if still available next week. Just not enough at the moment. :)

I'm sure it'll still be available. You're the first to express any interest in the past two days. Feel free to shoot me an email whenever you get the cash.

would you trade anything?
like a patriot 6gb tripple channel ram kit for i7 900's its almost $200 on amazon

No, I wouldn't have any use for it.  Sorry. :(

Is it still for sale? I would offer you $70 for it. I won't go any higher. Sorry, but I already feel like I am taking a risk with this price.

Yes, it is still for sale. The absolute lowest I can go is $80. I at least want to get this set of RAM out of it (to go with my current set).


I can assure you that it is in excellent, working condition. You have nothing to worry about.

Bump. Still available.

PM sent.


Thats great good.

Then i put a lock on this.

Grtz Angel ☺