Closed:FS:Never Settle Forever code

Deal closed..

Looking to trade, preferably  skyrim legendary edition or $20.

I suppose most of you already know what's inside the Gold tier code. just in case for those who don't..

A choice of: Thief, Saints Row 4, Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Sniper Elite, Farcry: Blooddragon,

Only $20?


why not :), even tho i know thief alone will cost more than 20.

I would've redeemed the games, and traded them individually 

it's thanks giving anyway so why not a llittle bit of giving.

That's a good deal. And I would take you up on it. But I have all those games. Thanks anyway.

Still available?


Sorry for the late reply. And still available . 

No problem. You said that you wanted skyrim legendary, but it's not $20 anymore. Want anything else? I've got a crapton of Humble bundle codes if you'd like that. I could even get you the whole Warner Bros Humble bundle if you'd like.



If u don't mind, I would like bioshock infinite which cost [email protected]

linked below for your convenience. Feel free to  throw in some game u already owned . If not that's ok. If you can find cheaper price. Which is even better for u. : )


Deal. Add me on steam I'm {LKS} The Duke of Sandvich


Bioshock Infinite is amazing. Might as well get the new DLC while you're at it ;)

Thanks for the great reminder. I totally forgot about the DLC. since the deal has been made, I see no benefit in altering deal. Will keep that in mind tho. Thx