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[CLOSE] Non-fucntionning Dreamcast

The title says it. Want a Dreamcast for a project and shipping cost are kind of high on eBay as most of the units comes from Japan. Fishing on the forum in case of somebody would have a Dreamcast laying around collecting dust. The body/case must be intact-ish. May have yellowed, I will paint over it.

Feel free to let me know if you have one laying around. Thanks

I have a black one that still works(last played like 2 years ago) whats your budget? (probably out of budget since rare model)

you gotta click on consoles only, sorts out all the games and what not

keep the guts in a bin like a tech packrat and it’ll be there if someone needs it

I have one but I wanna use it likely for the same reason you do

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Wow, how small is your next PC build going to be! Are you gonna use NUC components?

For the console it’s as low as possible, but not exceeding 70$ cad. And ya a rare edition would kind of a waste for my purposes.

Ya was thinking about that. Thanks for the link, didn’t found that one as he didn’t set up shipping to Canada.

No I will try to shove an itx inside. I know an stx build would work. The nuc build would some time with the Gamecube if I decide to invest the funds in an htpc, or if a nuc becomes graphically capable to be a main system.


An MVP on reddit shipped my way a leftover Dreamcast shell for free, just paid shipping + paypal fee. I’m so thrilled!

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I look forward to your build log.

Let me know if you need this reopened for any reason.

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