Cloning Win10 to another drive and expanding partition

Hi all,

Just recently I took the above approach on my Fedora Threadripper boxes and it worked fine with gparted doing most of the work a la post-expansion etc.

Since my current Windows 10 install is on a 250GB SSD, could I do the same thing - clone via dcfldd onto a 1TB drive, then use gparted to expand the NTFS storage?

I’ve not done this before so would appreciate any advice on the task…

Thanks & Best, Mike.

I’ve never used gparted to expand an NTFS partition either but I cant see any reason why it wouldnt work.

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Thanks, will give it a shot.

Did this a while back (320GB HDD cloned to 2TB HDD) using clonezilla, then resized with GParted and it worked perfectly fine.

Was 2 partitions even. Though the Windows partition stayed the same, only the data partition was changed.

Also did it on another win7 machine (1 partition SSD to SSD), resized with windows drive manager. Worked fine as well.

You can also do this using the free version of macrium reflect. I recently had to do this to 5 office laptops and it worked just fine.

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Ive used Macrium Reflect as well. No issues.

in Gparted, you might be able to copy, then paste the boot partition, the data partition, then re-size the data partition, and then the recovery partition (if one exists)
You might have to set the boot flag on the boot partition after though.
IIRC, you have to preserve the order of the partitions - boot, data, recovery.

DD (or DDrescue) would be more striaghtforward for drive to drive, then using Gparted to move the recovery, then resize the data, as Gparted uses DD under the hood anyway, it just means you don’t have to mess with ntfstools to re-size