Cloning please help!

Please help me clone my 500gb to a 1tb SSHD, So i just brought a 1tb SSHD and i'm trying to clone my 500gb to it. When i go to proceed using EaseUS it says "The data on the destination will be lost. Do you want to continue?" So pretty much if something goes wrong and it doesn't clone properly, i wont be able to use my 500gb again because all the data in it is lost? 

If anyone knows a better cloning program that lets me keep the info on my 500gb please tell me.

I wouldn't worry about losing your data on the 500gb drive as that is the source drive. Most cloning software warns you that you will lose data on the destination drive which in your case is the 1tb ssd as it will quick format the destination drive before it copy's data to it. This is just a precaution in case you have data saved to your destination drive already but as your is new there should be no problem.

The data that will be lost is the target drive, not the source drive.