Cloning and expanding new SSD

I have just got a new laptop that has Windows 10. I hae set a dual boot-up with Manajro and it’s working great.

The laptop only has one drive so I want to install a bigger one. I plan to put my 500GB NVME in an external enclouser, use clonezilla to do a disk-to-disk copy, then insert the new 500GB NVME into the laptop, removing the old 250GB.

I’ll then want to expand the partitions. I’ll want to expand both Linux home partition as well as Win10 - What is the best way to do this?

As far as I understand, I won’t be able to expand any partition if it is monted, so I think i’d be looking at a live linux usb? Please correct me if wrong.

I was just going to use Ubuntu live USB and use the disk utility on the GUI?