Cloned HDD using Ease US but pc won't boot from SSD

So, I cloned my HDD (40gb) and copied to a 120gb SSD using Ease US Todo Backup on Windows 7. I basically followed Kyle's tutorial below. But when connected it won't boot. I've gone into the Bios settings > advanced boot settings > set SSD as first priority, but then when it goes to boot it says there isn't a bootable device. I've also reconnected my SSD and the computer is only showing the 40GB partition that was on the HDD. Anyone have any idea how to solve this?

I had the same problem, the Ease US changed my main partition to O:/ (ssd) with a copy of C: there (fortunately I just had to boot to the HDD and format the SSD again), but I found another sw that only works with a bootable usb, that did just about what I needed: copy C: to O: and rename O: to C: . It doesn't format C: ofc. Let me see if I find the sw name.

Edit: I think its Clonezilla USB Live, because the tool I used worked on a console environment.

You could maybe try something else, like clonezilla or acornis?

One other thing- did you verify the disk was good with a sector test? You could have cloned a bad/going bad drive?

I've cloned a bad disk, and got lucky that chkdsk took care of my boot issue, not sure what it would do for you.

It's possible. The OS was on a 40GB HDD that had come out of a PS3 that I'd had since it's initial release. However, I've seen that a lot of people have had this issue with Ease US. With Clonezilla or acronis, can I write over the SSD or do you know any way to completely wipe it then do a fresh clone?

sounds like your mbr was not copied correctly. like some of the other said, you could try a different utility or repair the mbr,