Clone OS ssd to bigger ssd software

I have an 128 SSD for my OS and after a year it's almost full with about 9gb left.

Is this normal to happen?

I dont install any large programs on it, only maybe like chrome or a screen saver something small like that. I have gone through and uninstalled anything unnecessary.

Other question is what is recommended software to clone / migrate an OS from a ssd to a new larger ssd?

I know a clean install would be best but I have other software (office, CAD, games) install on a different ssd and i'm afraid they wound not work after a clean install thou the OS is on another ssd. 

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Update: when I open my C: drive select all the files inside, right click - properties, it only shows me 82gb used...But the main properties for my C: drive (with the pie chart) shows only 1.95 gb free space from a 128gb SSD

Hmmm odd. Well a 128GB drive is usually around 110GB after formatting. How large is your page file? That could be consuming a large chunk if you have a large amount of RAM.

Anyway as for imaging, clonezilla.

Thanks for that. After much research I came to the conclusion that the culprit was page file and hibernation file was about 25-30gb. I had hibernation turned off in power setting but windows was still filing it. I used a Command prompt (also done in regedit) to fully disable it and then reduced the page file. I seen a lot of people recommend clonezilla so i'll def look into that. 

I second the clonezilla. Basically a full fledged debian (I think debian, anyway) OS on a usb stick/dvd. Simple enough to get around for power users. Never had a problem with it.

After testing, you could use that old 128g for something like, say, caching your storage drive