Clone /home to new 2.5 drive


Hi guys - apologies in advance if this is a really simple/nooby question.

I’m wanting to move my existing /home partition which is on my 1tb 3.5 to my new 2.5 1tb drive.

Can I simply use Clonezilla for this task and clone the entire disk over or would Manjaro detect it is a different drive regardless of the fact the the partions are 1:1?

Lvm or nah

If they are just regular partitions you can indeed copy them using CloneZilla. After cloning, you can expand it to fill the entire 1TB drive using gparted. Make sure to update the /etc/fstab file so the new partition is mounted to /home. (check new partition ID using blkid)

PS: Backups!


No need to clone the partition.

Get the new drive partitioned and mount as /home2 then

rsync -hav --progress /home/ /home2

Then change your mounts in fstab and reboot


you mean rsync?


Oopsie! Yes rsync!

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Do I use a liveUSB to update Fstab or can I try to boot back in as normal?

update it before you reboot ideally


Can I update Fstab in Clonezilla?

Using clonezilla is doing it the hard way. You’ll have to drop to a shell, find your root partition mount it, edit the file, etc.

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Follow @gordonthree 's advice.

Then you will update the entry in fstab entry and then reboot.

If you just clone the partition, you will still need to update the fstab.

If you post what you have, we can show you the edit that needs to be made.

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