Clone from 120gb to 250gb or fresh install?

Just got a new 850evo 250gb because of the sale and I'm wondering what the best way to go about this is. All my games are on my HDD and my OS and shortcuts are on the boot SSD.
If cloning is the better option do I use the 840 pro magician or the 850 evo magician software?

Personally I would reinstall its far easier to do especially if all you have on the disk is the os and a few applications. If you have been running the 120gb ssd for a few year now it would also be good because it can clear out everything that may have gotten stuck on the ssd over time.

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Okay, so just disconnect the other drives, install windows on the new drive, plug the old SSD in and erase it then right?
Or should I just boot the computer with the USB and install to new drive?

Forgive me I don't do this that often lol I feel stupid.

9/10 times you are better off doing a full install on new SSDs because if you clone an older SSD you can end up copying all of the wasted space from the old SSD onto the new SSD. Yes that is the best way to install Windows so it doesn't try to install the boot loader onto a different drive.

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