Clogged Graphic Card Exhaust

Over the year my graphics card has been getting hot idles around 56 C and 95C under load. The room temperature is very cool as well. I noticed the fan covered in dust and the exhaust covered as well. It is an original HD 4850 with fan at 70%, Is there a way i can get the plastic cover off to clean it out?

Get a can of compressed air. Bring the video card outside, and spray away.

any type of compressed air can will work?


Or just use a compressor for 9000 times the effect of a can.

I should probably just clean out my whole case if im gonna do this.

I spray out my whole case about once a month. Tons of dust gets in it. A clean PC is a happy PC.


Now as I have P183, I rarely need to do it as it got some sweet dust filters in front :3

put your lips on the exhaust vent and suck as hard as you can.

Yep. Only fine dust really gets in for me.

thats how the men do it

give it a blow job

= weak.

Best advice I have seen in a long while!

you can take of the heatsink
and clean it that way